Non-Formal Primary Education Programme (NFE)

Project  Name Non-Formal Primary Education Programme  (NFE)
Year 2006-2008
Donor/Funding Sources BRAC
Short description (target participants, scale, purpose, activities, results etc) §  Non Formal Education Programme (NFPE) carries out its programme activities in three major areas:

§  Non-formal Primary Education is one of the major programme through which DAFF-Bangladesh provides quality primary education to underprivileged children.

§  The Pre-primary Schools programme prepares children across the country aged 5 plus for primary school entry.

§  The Adolescent Development Programme (ADP) aims at improving the quality of life of vulnerable adolescents, especially girls, by training them in vocational skills, health awareness (including reproductive health) and leadership

§  The specific objectives of our education programme are to: Provide good quality, cost effective education to non-enrolled girls in the project area.

Help change mind sets by emphasizing the need for female education and ensuring effective participation of parents and community members in the programme.